About Us

I’m Cedrick Lee, Founder and CEO Of Brand DLC LLC. I would like to welcome YOU to a world of Beauty ranging from unique customization to your every day ready to wear. Affordable garments and styles complete for the enjoyment and desire of your fashion needs. Brand DLC LLC. is an equal opportunity business making its expertise and its productions available to help the community learn about various different fashion trends and pushing the envelope when it comes to what our perfect image is enlight of fashion . Because its an art and it should be as unique and eclectic to fit your need and personality while giving back to the community . The community of the unheard and undiscovered the local backbone of fashion and design a building block from a young men born in Southwest Atlanta just trying to do his hometown justice in a industry over saturated in recycled trend of self proclaimed fashion Gods. Brand DLC will also offer Fashion workshops, internship programs ,fashion consultation 101 and networking links within the company and industry’s that we build with our resources are yours. Brand DLC LLC. aims to be the number one resource for any fashion and design needs worldwide.


 Our objective is creating long lasting experiences that cater to progressive individuals and idealist in life not just fashion a pillar and beacon . We are here to motivate, challenge, and dress all to becoming a new person inside and out. We are in the real world where our stylish,bold and eclectic clientele lives, works, and plays.